Bodiesque was born in 2020 from the crossroads of blogs published since 2013 by "les bodys de caro"

Bodiesque offers a range of quality swimsuits, bodysuits, wetsuits and accessories.

The bodysuit or swimsuit is worn today and without complex in underwear, interior clothing or simply clothing. A companion for cozy or sporty moments, it remains a real seductive accessory, available in all shapes and sizes!

Bodiesque is therefore the whole culture of bodysuits and swimsuits around an inspiration mainly from the world of sport and cosplay.

Practical and very comfortable, we offer a whole range of products for both sports and cosiness.

Swimsuits and bodysuits today go beyond gender and are aimed at everyone, women of course, but also men who want to try this adventure.

As a passion, we also offer you the opportunity to discuss and share our vision via our blogs:

The Bodiesque team