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Second life

Fall for our handpicked items, which are just asking for a second life!

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  • Swimsuit LX1707 Black Used
    • -70%

    Swimsuit LX1707 Black Used

    €33.33 -70% €10.00

    The LX1707 offers exceptional shine thanks to its satin appearance for this great LEOHEX classic.

    It has an impeccable finish and proves all the know-how of the brand.

  • Justaucorps Dance Tappers &...
    • -80%

    Justaucorps Dance Tappers &...

    €20.00 -80% €4.00
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  • Justaucorps dance Tappers &...
    • -80%

    Justaucorps dance Tappers &...

    €24.17 -80% €4.83

    This long sleeve leotard is a classic from the Tappers & Pointers collection.

    Soft and comfortable, the lycra is lined on its front part, to avoid transparencies in this white version.

    Its fabric pinched between the chest makes it its signature.

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  • Maillot Skinzwear Criss...
    • -€45.00

    Maillot Skinzwear Criss...

    €57.50 -€45.00 €12.50

    The F4- Criss Cross Rio Back Style swimsuit is a one-piece swimsuit with a wide opening in the back.

    Belonging to the Rio collection (1/2 cover), it is made up of thin cross-type ''Thin Strap'' straps and a Brazilian-type bottom that gives it a sexy look.

    Blue in color and pattern, the F4 Rio is highlighted in places with a few golden lines that catch the eye.

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  • Body Baltogs Silver Manches...
    • -70%

    Body Baltogs Silver Manches...

    €65.83 -70% €19.75

    Coming from a limited series made by the American leotard manufacturer Baltogs, the BT803 bodysuit, offers a sober cut with long sleeves, offers an exceptional shine.

    Made of a silver Spandex fabric, this body hugs the body and is very sexy with its thong butt cut.

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  • Body OPAQUE 70 Gerbe Occasion
    • -80%

    Body OPAQUE 70 Gerbe Occasion

    €57.50 -80% €11.50
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  • Body Lady Gerbe
    • -€50.00

    Body Lady Gerbe

    €65.83 -€50.00 €15.83
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